Established Date

May 2004 Established as the Soap Manufacturing Department of Garden Pana Ltd.
February 2008 Entity conversion into Venustus Corporation


3,000,000 yen


Naoko Toyama, CEO

Business Areas

Manufacturing and distribution of bath amenities such as soaps and bath salts (bath additives)
Manufacturing and distribution of items for use at resort hotels and spas such as soaps, massage oils, scrubs, aroma oils, etc.
Operation of shops handling soaps, bath goods, aromatherapy items, etc.

Approvals and Licenses

Certification for Manufacturing and Distribution of Cosmetics No. 47C0X00070
Certification for Manufacturing Cosmetics No. 47CZ208063

Delivery Record

Major resort hotels in Okinawa prefecture / Paradise Plan Co., Ltd. / Bals Corporation / Beams Co., Ltd. / Okinawa Products Associated Co., Ltd. / The Loft Co., Ltd. / Tokyu Hands Inc. / DyDo Drinco, Inc. / Sanrio Company, Ltd., etc.